Dermatologist in Austin, Texas (5 12-345-9411) Michael H. Coverman, M.D. is a skilled dermatologist in Austin, Texas who offers an array of procedures. At his facility, Austin Dermatology Clinic, which opened in 1978, Juvederm ™ is a fairly new procedure that is quickly gaining popularity. This smooth gel injectable is used to accentuate facial features, especially the lips./nFor patients who are looking to plump up their pout, Dr. Coverman highly recommends Juvederm. In addition to producing impressive, natural-looking, long-lasting results, this product is also natural, so patients cannot be allergic!/nIf injections of Juvederm sound like an ideal way to give your lips the fullness that you desire, please visit the Web site of Dr. Coverman and then schedule an appointment with him at his Austin facility.


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