1. Who can Join
. Any Business or Professional who wants to advertise through Video is welcome. Any body who wants to upload a video about a business or wants to take advantage of all the features of the site can join businesstube.

2. Why choose BusinessTube to promote your company?
. BusinessTube is the 1st Video directory aimed at bringing Professionals, local business owners and Internet consumers together into a single platform. We believe Video is the best way to present long lasting and fresh information to users, and we believe you will be using the best unified platform for communication between businesses and consumers.

3. Does it cost money to be on
. BusinessTube is Free, and will always be Free for users and business owners, however, for better exposure, we recommend choosing one of the paid accounts.

4. How long does my video stay on BusinessTube?
. Your video will stay on the site forever even with a free account.

5. I would like to see more features on the site?
. beta is work in progress, and we want to hear what you have to say to make the site better. Please email all your site related queries to

6. Who can Join
. Any individual can Join

7. How am I billed?
. packages renew every 30 days

8. How will this affect my business?
. By Allowing your customers to see video testimonials of your clients and there positive feedback. This increases your exposure and customer clientel.

9. Are there any limitations for how many many number of videos I can upload for my business?
. Yes, they are different for different levels of users in the system. Please refer to Advertising page for more details

10. Can I pick and choose which Videos/Comments come up first on my profile?
. Yes, you can upload/update videos any time for unlimited no. of times on

11. If I own Multiple businesses can I have them all on one account?
. As of now, we recommend each 'business location' to have its separate video (and profile page).

12. If I don't have computer access can make my videos for me?
. Yes, you might start looking into some resources or contact us at for more options.

13. If I find a offensive video on my business video page, what steps do I take to get it removed?
. You can flag the video and contact us at if more help is required.

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