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Helpful Hints For Video Production:

Be sure to target your market.

  • If you are emphasizing price be sure to let your customers know that your have the lowest prices.
  • If you want to be known for the best quality work, then make sure to show off your work in your video. Tell them and show them.
  • If your business is built on a Integrity and trust, be sure to use words that promote that. Stay away from negative comments. Always promote the positive in your business.
  • If you have the ability to help a customer’s needs fast, be sure to promote the fact that you offer same day service.

  • Keep your video "on topic" and always smile and use enthusiasm in your voice. Nobody wants to listen to a monotone speaker who is not excited. Imitate those Pitchmen you see on TV. You want your customers to get excited about your business.
    You will have to decide what plan is best for you. The amount of time you need to get your message across is a good indicator as to what plan is best for you.

  • Our Free Plan provides you with 2 minutes of video time. Videos are placed in no special order.
  • Our $20.00 Plan a month plan provides you with 5 minutes of video time. Videos are ranked higher.
  • Our $99.00 Plan provides you with 10minutes of video play time & ranks you highest in your area.

  • Plan your video out in advance. Write out what you want to say then practice it over and over again. Get comfortable saying the words so that they flow out of your mouth with no hesitation. Be sure to not use pauses between words. Try to think of the camera as a person you are having a conversation with. Be confident and animated in your speech.

    Be sure to pick your location in advance. Test it out for background noise or other concerns that may distract the viewer from your message. For example: dogs barking, a jet flying over head, or something appearing behind you that you were not expecting.

    Do a "story board" approach. If you have pictures that you want to add into the video, or you are going to have a voice over, plan it out on a story board to organize the sequence. This way you can time the length of the slide to coincide with the length of the voice over. Practice your speech. Annunciate your words. The better you know them the more natural it will sound. Get excited, and smile while you talk. You are the Director of your video. Be sure to do more than a couple takes. Play them and compare them to each other and pick your best results. Ask someone to judge them as well to get an unbias point of view. Take your best Video and upload it on business tube.

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